Our experience

Since 1968, SNDI has been an expert on the market for rental/maintenance of clothing and accessories for clean rooms and managed environments.

At the beginning of the 21st century, SNDI partnered with ELIS, a specialist in rental/maintenance of working garments and of linen for restaurant, catering, accommodation, hygiene and well-being needs.

We have 12 plants in Europe dedicated to the Ultra Clean business, and we provide service for clients in 12 countries.

Our clients

Our clients work in a variety of business sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and cosmetics industries
  • Micro-electronics industries (semi-conductors, space, nano-technologies, etc.)
  • Leading-edge technologies: photo-voltaics, research and development laboratories, etc.
  • Health care: central pharmaceuticals stores, the French blood bank authority (Etablissement Français du Sang, or EFS) 
  • Agricultural foodstuffs industries

More than 1,200 Ultra Clean clients in Europe put their trust in us.

Our clients range from the biggest European groups to small enterprises.

Our partnerships

We belong to various associations:

  • Member of ASPEC, with a seat on the Board of Directors
  • Member of A3P
  • Member of the AFNOR X44B Commission

We have been involved as experts in clothing and clothing maintenance in various works:

  • Guide de l'Ultra-Propreté (BCMI), article : "les tenues de salle propre et les traitement associés", Edition 2008/2009
  • Guide ASPEC, article : "Les Tenues : vêtements et accessoires salles propres et environnements maîtrisés" novembre 2010
  • Revue Salles Propres n°72, article : "Traçabilité des tetnues utilisées en salles propres" janvier/février 2011
  • Revue Salles Propres n°54, article : "Chambre de dispersion - Le Body Box : un outilde connaissance de la contamination particulaire" 2008
  • Revue Salles Propres n°54, article : "Confection des articles - Bonnes pratiques de fabrication des tenues pour salles propres et salles stériles"
  • Revue Salles Propres n°46, article : "Stérilisation des tenues par rayonnement ionisants" 2006

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