Our Ultra Clean service

Clothing and accessory rental/maintenance service for clean rooms, controlled-atmosphere areas and sterile environments:

  • advice for establishing which garments fit your needs
  • clean-room compatible garments and accessories
  • particle decontamination treatment (categories I and II as per IEST RP CC 003.3)
  • sterilisation treatment (autoclaving or radio sterilisation)
  • particle checking on each batch, using the Helmke drum method
  • assured traceability of each garment, by chip or bar code
  • extranet allowing you to view: garments withdrawn from service, stock rotation, precision of the inventory sizing
  • training of your staff on new dressing procedures.

Therefore, our clothing available via rental/maintenance service can be used in clean rooms and sterile environments with ISO 4 to 8 or A to D classification.

  This service is ISO 9001-certified.

Our Ultra Clean process

Learn about the maintenance process for your clean room clothing:

Our network

ELIS - SNDI has 12 plants equipped with ISO 5-classification clean rooms in Europe:

  • units dedicated to our Ultra Clean business
  • dedicated staff who are experts in Ultra Clean work
  • research and development laboratory to qualify fabrics and test the design of clothing with our Body Box 
  • possibility of back-up in the event of an incident at one of our facilities.

Our network enables us to offer service in 12 countries and to satisfy the needs of more than 1,200 clients in Europe.

In France, 90% of our customers are less than 80 km from their Ultra Clean service unit.

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