The goggles are the finishing touch when dressing for sterile environments.

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Product details

The goggles can be worn with all hoods equipped with fasteners.

Thanks to their patented textile temples:

  • can be put on aseptically
  • no discomfort to wearers due to pressure of temples and holding in position
  • the goggles are rendered traceable by a bar code

Our goggles are decontaminated and then sterilised via autoclave curing.

Textile temples are comfortable for the wearer.
Wide visor does not reduce the wearer's field of view. Ventilation openings at the top prevent the formation of mist.

Technical description


  • Clean-room-compatible
  • Materials with a surface specially designed to ensure the absence of particles
  • 2 mm thickness polycarbonate lens
  • PVC thermoplastic structure
  • Can be used with corrective glasses

Textile temples:

  • Clean-room-compatible fabric
  • 98% polyester and 2% continuous-filament carbon thread
  • 122 g
  • Goggles: PVC and polycarbonate
  • Temples: 98% polyester and 2% continuous-filament carbon thread

The Ultra Clean service

Work within a clean room requires the use of special clothing and appropriate maintenance.

Our maintenance includes:

  • a particle decontamination treatment (category 1 or 2) in accordance with IEST RP CC003.3
  • autoclave curing sterilisation or radio sterilisation
  • particle inspection in Helmke drum for each batch
  • traceability of each garment via chip or bar code.

The clothing we offer via rental/maintenance service can be used in clean rooms and sterile environments with ISO 4 to 8 or A to D classification.

This service is ISO 9001-certified.

Find out the details about our Ultra Clean service.

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