Our quality policy

Quality is right at the heart of our Ultra Clean service:

  •  A ISO 9001-certified service in the fields of: "rental of clean-room clothing; maintenance by particle decontamination in controlled-atmosphere areas, and sterilisation; collection and distribution; sales development and tracking";
  • Customer care: annual survey and inspections;
  • Each year, around thirty of our customers undertake an audit at one of our plants;
  • Technical audits are undertaken every year in every clean room.

Our experts in Ultra Cleanliness

We have 12 specialised plants dedicated to Ultra Clean work in Europe.

Each plant has staff dedicated to this business:

  • Site Manager: the site manager is an expert in your needs. (S)he is the technical reference, and handles customer tracking for major-account clients. (S)he takes part in the research and development concerning methods and products that will meet your expectations.
  • Customer Account Executive: the customer account executive is there to liaise with you regarding your service, and is responsible for satisfactory provision of service.
  • Project Manager: the project manager is trained in technical constraints, and can guide you in the specification of your needs; (s)he will advise you so as to establish an appropriate solution.
  • Sales Officer: the sales officer is your permanent telephone contact, and can inform you at any time regarding the administrative aspects of your account.
  • Quality Representative: the quality representative tracks the application of procedures in accordance with ISO standard 9001. (S)he is responsible concerning the release of garment batches.
  • Production Leader: the production leader manages the Ultra Clean process and organises production, ensuring that the applicable procedures are properly applied.
  • Service Operative: the service operative undertakes the delivery, plus deployment where applicable. (S)he is trained regarding practices in controlled-atmosphere areas, and will be the person you deal with during each delivery.

Our experts in Ultra Cleanliness are there to advise you, and to cater to your needs.

Our research and development laboratory

We have a research and development laboratory of which the purpose is to:

  • qualify the fabrics and accessories (elasticated trimmings) of our clothing;
  • check the effectiveness of the design of our clothing;
  • assist our customers with their internal validation procedures.

The laboratory undertakes the following tests:

  • Body Box: examination of the bellows effect via Fogger, and counting of the particles emitted during different movements;
  • PEFA test: evaluation of the filtering capabilities of fabrics;
  • Helmke drum test: evaluation of the number of particles emitted;
  • ESD test: evaluation of electrostatic discharge capabilities;
  • microscope test: study of the weave of fabrics.

Certain tests are subcontracted:

  • bio-filtration test: evaluation of the bacterial permeability of fabrics;
  • tear resistance, traction strength and extension strength tests.

All our fabrics are qualified so that we can guarantee you that they will keep their properties during their usage. The tests are performed for our 3 treatments: particle decontamination, with or without sterilisation (autoclave curing or radio sterilisation).

Our design office

We have a design office of which the purpose is to:

  • select fabrics and accessories for subsequent qualification;
  • create and select the design of our clothing;
  • create and manage technical data sheets for all our garments.

Our training courses

We can train your staff in "best practices for work in clean rooms":

  • general information about clean rooms: description, operation, etc.
  • role of the garment in clean rooms, and in sterile environments;
  • best practices concernant clothing management: dressing, undressing, storage;
  • behaviours in clean rooms: actions, hygiene, etc.

These training courses are compliant with standard 14644-5.

If requested by you, we train your staff in the procedure for dressing in the clothing used, with hands-on practice for all participants.

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